Why do you need to network?

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the number of people in your network and your salary? If you are counting on one hand your immediate circle of friends listen up! It is simple. The more people you know and who know about YOU and YOUR WORK the more opportunities you are going to have. Plain  and simple. The hardest part is not actually MEETING these people, but actually STAYING connected with them and keeping top of mind for them.


This FREE 6-Day email course shows you how to get out there, meet the RIGHT people, and start making connections that will build your career or business!


The truth is that the next BIG opportunity in your career is more likely to come from a person you know than through a job board or application process. So it is in your best interest to have a robust group of friends, colleagues, mentors and business partners signing your praises.

Let me show you how!

So what is this FREE email course exactly?

This FREE 6-Day email course called How To Network In The Fashion Industry is designed exclusively for fashion industry professionals just like YOU who want to fast track their career or creative business. This course gives you the step-by-step process you need to grow your network FROM SCRATCH, meet the RIGHT people, find collaboration partners or business partners, and grow your career in the fashion industry. 


And the best part? This course is released over a 1-week period giving you little baby steps each day that are super simple and achievable. All you have to do is sign up here, sit back , and give me 30 minutes of your time a day. Do you think you can do that?


Having a strong network of friends, colleagues, and business partners is the fastest way to build your career or business in the fashion industry. 

Cayla Zubarev

Thank you so much for your tips so far! I was able to reconnect with a photographer friend.  It really shows that all it takes is one little message. So, thank you for that!

Day 1

Get clear on your PURPOSE for wanting to connect with new people so you know who you should be targeting.

Day 2

Start connecting by re-connecting. Build relationships from your inner circle first.

Day 3

Learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when reaching out.

Day 4

Learn how to join groups & organizations with built-in networks.

Day 5

Build a system to automate the process of reaching out and following up.

Day 6

Your biggest challenges & FAQ questions answered!

Who is this course for?

This course was designed EXCLUSIVELY for fashion industry professionals just like YOU! It doesn't matter if you are a designer, blogger, photographer, stylist, sales person, merchandizer, editor, WHATEVER! If you are a creative, generous, hard working person ready to take your career to the next level, then this is for you!


This course is meant to get you STARTED on your journey to move your career or business forward by teaching you how to connect with the RIGHT people the RIGHT way who can help you, encourage you, and make things happen for you.

About the author

Malie Bingham, pickglass.com, author Malie Bingham

Malie Bingham

Well hello there! My name is Malie Bingham. I am a fashion designer based in NYC. I absolutely love what I do! After working in the industry for almost two decades I started mentoring and started sharing my knowledge with brilliant young designers just starting out in their careers. It was through this mentoring that I decided to compile all my juicy nuggets of information and share it with more people. Thus Pick Glass was born!

I created this course because I know from my own experiences in my career that whenever I made an extra effort to connect with people and work on extra projects that is when I saw my career take off. I want to show you what worked for me without having to be "salesy" or "pitch" myself to strangers. For me, networking is about building REAL relationships with ambitious, creative people  who share my interest and values.


This is NOT a secret! Please share this with your fashion friends!